We build digital champions

We partner with leading corporations to build the digital champions of tomorrow. As one of Europe’s most successful digital company builders, we have a track record of building game-changing B2B and B2C businesses. We help our clients take an entrepreneurial approach to building their digital business.


Remaining dominant requires adopting and mastering digital

In the past, those who mastered their core business became industry leaders. Today, to remain so, those industry leaders must master digital as well and keep up with the increasing speed of digital innovation cycles.


Mastering digital requires a relentless focus

...on gathering and utilizing data to generate new insights

...on minimizing innovation cycles by utilizing a build, test and learn approach

...on acquiring customers at lower costs, and telling your story in a more targeted and efficient way


Established companies have options

Transform: implement a digital strategy with a focus on customers, people and processes.

Buy: acquire a digital entity as an extension of your core business.

Build: develop the digital extension of your core business as an independent, fully-owned entity.


We help you win

Since 2008 we‘ve built a portfolio of 22 digital companies in various industries, such as: professional services, media, travel, e-commerce, finance and health care. Today, our businesses employ more than 1,300 employees world wide, attract more than 200 million unique web visits and generate more than 225 EUR of annual revenue. Our key to success is execution power combined with deep expertise in digital marketing, product development, analytics and and building digital organizations



Our favorite business models are sustainable and create value for all stakeholders: customers, shareholders, employees and business partners. Our background is unique - experience from top management consulting firms coupled with building many successful digital businesses means we know how to deliver complex projects and get the implementation right. We are approachable business partners who love to get things done. As entrepreneurs we like smart business models, no matter what industry.